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Candle Tips & Tricks



Where is your wax from?

Our wax is 100% soy, grown and manufactured in the American Midwest.This product is sustainable, renewable and ethically produced.

How do I clean my jars?

Our favourite way to clean jars is so set a few on a cookie sheet.
Set in the oven on it's lowest setting. Our's lowest is 170 degree celcius. Once the bottom bits of wax are entirely melted remove from the oven carefully with oven mitts. Pour melted wax into a container to discard as you would like discarded fat from cooking. Do not put in your green bin for composting. Wax will be hot so be careful!
Remove the wick and wick tab at the base of the candle, we like to use a fork.
At this point use hot water to rinse inside to remove any wax left behind or use paper towel and discard.
Using warm soapy water to finally wash the jar clean. 
Soy is a dream to clean up! Sounds harder than it is ;)

 What's the difference between fragrance oil candles & candles made with essential oils?

Fragrance oils are a mix of natural and synthetic materials where essential oils are 100% natural. Our candles are scented with cosmetic grade fragrance oils. All of our scents are phthalate free, which is known to pose health risks. 

Why do you choose to use fragrance oils and not essential oils?

Candles typically use fragrance oils for good reason. Fragrance oils are able to hold a much stronger and longer scent. As essential oils are also very costly, it would take a significant amount of essential oils to scent a candle. If over loaded with essential oil you may notice an unpleasant fuel smell.

We recommend fragrance free candles to anyone who is scent sensitive. 

Do you use essential oils at all?

Yes we do! We use essential oils in our outdoor candles as well as in custom orders if requested.

Why is my candle not using all the wax?

This is very important! When you light a candle there is a bit of a time commitment involved. Well, there is if you want to get every bit out of your candle possible. It's important to make sure your wax melts to the edges of the container before it's extinguished. These instructions are also located on the bottom of each candle. If extinguished too early your candle will tunnel. Our wicks are meant to work quickly to get that lovely candle burning properly and evenly so it shouldn't take longer than an hour for an even melt pool. 

 Yuk! There are dead bugs stuck in my outdoor candle. What can I do?

You can heat up the top layer of your candle with a hair dryer or heat gun. Only melt what you have to and pick out any debris or pour out dirty wax and dispose. Wipe edges clean with a paper towel.

Can you get me a scent I don't see on your website?

We sure can! We also make custom blends. 

Give us a shout via email or social media. 

Can you fill my jars/vessels if I drop them off? 

Absolutely, we charge per ounce. Just email us to get started.

I have a large order for a function, do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! Please contact us at EloraCandleCompany@gmail.com  


Why don’t you have a retail location? 

How do we put this 😬 We really really want to stay in business!! That’s about as truthful as it gets! We love the idea of retail locations! The sites and the smells, we totally understand. Elora retail space is extremely expensive and it just seems so wasteful to us when we can serve our customers this way. We offer free customer pick up. Our shipping is, in most cases, express (UPS & Purolator) at very reasonable rates. As always, if you spend over $125 we always cover the shipping bill 100%



EloraCandleCompany@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you have. We're here to help!!!