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Who We Are

We are an online business with several retail partners who carry our candles. We ship nationwide with very reasonable express shipping costs. If you spend more than $95 we cover the shipping 100%.

This company was established purely based on an absolute love for candles. We have chosen to work with pure soy wax because it's 100% natural. We wanted candles that burn as clean as possible to keep our homes healthier.

Each of our candles are hand poured in small batches. Our Elora Collection products use 100% vegan all natural soy wax. They are also dye & additive free unless chosen otherwise by you. Unscented is always available and essential oil candles as well upon request.

We hope you enjoy all of our scents. We have hand selected all of these with hundreds of test candles and experimenting. We do not typically use essential oils as they tend to burn with a fuel smell and often no other scent coming through.

Our wicks are cotton, paper or hemp depending on the candle.

We are located in the beautiful little Village of Elora, Ontario.

Enjoy shopping with us!

Our Wax